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Lead/Follow Relationships in Live Theater Performance - Dan Istrate

November 27, 2021 Sharna Fabiano Season 1 Episode 15
Lead & Follow
Lead/Follow Relationships in Live Theater Performance - Dan Istrate
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Show Notes

Actor/Director Dan Istrate is originally from Romania and graduated from the University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest. He performed at several theaters in Romania and played the lead role in the Romanian feature film, Double Ecstasy, before moving to the US in 2001. Dan describes the organic flow between leading and following as the essence of great performance, and gives inspiring examples of how he has experienced this flow with audiences, directors, and fellow actors. We also explore how anyone can cultivate the fundamental follower state of being open to the unknown. 

“The unknown is a gift that reveals itself to you. The only way to capture it is to switch from follower to leader or from leader to follower.”

You don’t even know what you can create in relationship with a follower/leader.”

“You cannot play the king. By the way the other actors behave, they make you the king.”

"Lead and follow must switch from scene to scene, sometimes from line to line."

Episode References:
Ira Chaleff, The Courageous Follower

Connect with Dan Istrate:
IG: @DanIstrateDC
FB: Dan.Istrate.796

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